"Come See STU For Yourself"

Hey Future STUdent!
I’m Ailish, from Halifax, NS, and I’m a first-year student at St. Thomas University (STU).

It wasn’t until I discovered there were universities like STU—that focus on liberal arts—that I began to take classes in high school that really interested me like sociology, law, and leadership. Discovering STU helped me realize there was and is a future for me in these fields.

The Open House

I was planning to go to a different university when Clara, an admissions counsellor, came to my school and convinced me to attend an upcoming Open House at STU. After looking into academic programs and talking to my teacher, who was a STU alum, I decided to make the trip to Fredericton.

It took 15 minutes on campus for me to fall in love with STU. I toured residences, saw my future study spaces, and had lunch in the dining hall. I met professors at the faculty fair and became overwhelmed with happiness because the liberal arts program fit me so well! Being able to come and see the beautiful campus was definitely a crucial part of my decision. If you can, come see STU for yourself.

My first weeks

Moving away from friends and family is hard, but on move-in day the Welcome Week crew made it SO much easier! Everyone was friendly and the student-leaders keep you so busy with fun activities it’s hard to miss home. I came to STU to not only receive an amazing education, but also to find a solid group of friends who share my interests. Within the first few days, that’s exactly what I found.

The first weeks of school were odd, but in the best way. At university, you have so much more control over the times/days of your classes, the subjects you study, and when you might want to take a nap. STU professors are personable, take time to learn your name, and help when you ask. Classes are capped at 60 students, but my classes have fewer students than that, which is nice. My friends at other schools have at least 200 people in their first-year classes.

The flexibility of first year is amazing. At STU, you get to branch out and take courses from different fields to discover which ones suit you best before you’re required to declare a major.

What STU has done for me

STU is truly the small university of big opportunities. With the number of clubs/societies, sports teams, and unique experiences offered here, there’s something for everyone!

I hope you’ll choose STU and love it as much as I do. See you in September!

Ailish Mackenzie