Academic Dates for 2018-19 Include New Fall Reading Week

Margaret McCain Hall

At its February meeting late last week, the Senate approved academic dates for 2018-19. The dates include a new Fall Reading Week which will be from Nov. 5 - 9, 2018.

Like many universities, STU had been moving in this direction over the past several years. In 2013, we had implemented a Fall Reading Day to coincide with the Remembrance Day holiday and it was well-received by students. Since that time, six other universities in the region have implemented a Fall Reading Week as a mental health initiative. 

This coming fall, UNB will have a Fall Reading Week as a three-year pilot project and being mindful of our course exchange agreement and shared resources with UNB, we have scheduled our week for the same period. 

Our Office of Student Services believe that this new mid-term break in the fall will relieve some of the pressure that they see accumulating for students toward the end of the term. As well, at 61 teaching days for both terms next year, we have been able to keep the number of teaching days within our standard range of 59 to 63 days.

To see the complete dates for the 2018-19 calendar, please see the link below.  

Thank you. 

Karen Preston