Multi-Country Experience

An international exchange to France has opened Nahomi Lopez up to new opportunities and new career goals.

Lopez, who is studying Communications and Public Policy and French, spent the first semester of her fourth year taking some master level courses in communications and honing her skills at L’Institut Mac Luhan in Angers, France.

“I’m learning very technical tools and I love it,” Lopez said. “I’ve always had high expectations of where I want to go but today they’re even higher. Meeting inspiring professionals made me realize it’s time to make all the effort, study hard, find internships, and volunteer, because it’s not only enriching, but it will also be very rewarding.”

The highlight of her academic experience in France came during her last week in the Seminaire de Media in Paris when her class visited the offices of Coca-Cola France, a local radio station, France Television, and other professional agencies.

The trip had a lasting effect on Lopez.

“I’ve never been so professionally inspired,” she said. “Having a field trip to Paris was cool, but having the opportunity to visit these businesses and meet the people who worked there really wowed me.”

As an international student from Quito, Ecuador, Lopez experiences studying abroad every day at St. Thomas, but when the opportunity to study in France as part of her STU degree presented itself, she couldn’t resist.

“I didn’t think twice. I wanted to explore new territories,” she said. “You have four years of university for unique opportunities and I always wanted to study abroad so I made sure I took all the courses necessary so I could go.”

Following the completion of her studies, Lopez hopes to work for an international business where she can put her diverse experiences and trilingualism to professional use.

“There are many opportunities out there—some might involve moving away and starting from zero—but the risks are worth it.”