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Muchaneta Nyambuya
Digital Admissions Counsellor
Works with students and schools in Alberta and Africa, as well as international agents and university partner organizations

I came to STU as an international student from South Africa and graduated with a double major in Human Rights and Criminology and Criminal Justice. STU’s small class sizes allowed me to learn from my peers and foster connections with my professors who I have stayed in touch with after graduation.


(506)452-0562 | | @muchaneta_stu

Hannah Johnston
On-Campus Admissions Counsellor
Works with students and schools in Newfoundland and Labrador and Asia, as well as all virtual and in-person visitors to campus

I completed both a BA and BEd at STU. Coming to university from a small town of 900 people was intimidating, but STU welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like a part of the community. STU’s small class sizes allowed my professors to get to know me and made it easier to connect with my peers and form friendships that I still have today.


(506)453-7218 | | @hannah_johnston_stu

Bailey O'Regan
Admissions Counsellor
Works with students and schools in New Brunswick and the United States

I am a recent STU graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, with majors in psychology and criminology. I took advantage of a variety of other courses as well, as all STUdents are encouraged to explore different disciplines and challenge their perspectives. We pride ourselves in helping STUdents become well-rounded, thoughtful, and critical thinkers.


(506)460-0386 | | @bailey_oregan_stu

Alex Dascalu
Admissions Counsellor
Works with students and schools in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Europe

I graduated from STU with a double major in Journalism and Communications and Public Policy. As Canada’s only public university primarily dedicated to the liberal arts, STU helped me gain a diversity of knowledge. I took courses outside of my comfort zone, which challenged me and helped me develop better critical thinking skills.


(506)452-0460 | | @alex_dascalu_stu

Louise Touchbourne
Admissions Counsellor
Works with students and schools in Ontario, Manitoba, Central America, and South America

During my time at STU, I was able to study a variety of topics I found interesting and informative. I graduated with an honours in Spanish and a major in Human Rights, and later, I completed a Bachelor of Education from STU as well. I spent five years studying at STU, enjoying the close, supportive community and a high-level, meaningful education.


(506)452-0506 | | @louise_touchbourne_stu

Cristi Flood-Caristi
Director of Student Recruitment
Works with parents, supporters, counsellors, and teachers in all regions, including the greater-Fredericton area and New England

Director of Student Recruitment Cristi Flood
I have had the pleasure of studying, teaching, and working at St. Thomas University, and through these experiences, I have come to learn that STU truly is a university unlike any other.  Studying at St. Thomas University affords students the opportunity to develop well-rounded, nuanced understandings of complex issues, while honing skills, gaining experience, and forging a network that will allow them to make a meaningful difference.  This is all done within the context of a safe, tight-knit community in which students are guided by faculty, who are experts in their fields; staff, who are committed to fostering students’ growth; and peers, who share a commitment to social responsibility.  Our team is committed to providing you with a high level of service, information, and insight that is in keeping with the level of support you will be offered throughout your STUdent career, so please do not hesitate to be in touch with us.


(506)452-0529  |  |  @cristiatstu