Faculty Book Launch: Dr. Bill Randall and Dr. Matte Robinson

December 8, 2023
Faculty Book Launch: Dr. Bill Randall and Dr. Matte Robinson


2:30 PM
Rotunda, BMH 318


Join us for a book launch celebrating Things That Matter: Special Objects in Our Stories as We Age, edited by Dr. Bill Randall (Gerontology) and Dr. Matte Robinson (English Language and Literature) on December 8 at 2:30 PM in the Rotunda (BMH 318). 


About the Book:
Many of us have particular things in our lives – photographs, paintings, old letters, books, furniture, jewellery, or clothing – that hold special meaning for us. Often, they correspond to pivotal memories and can be central to our sense of self and our life narratives, all the more so as we age. Things That Matter sheds important light on the intricate intertwining of mementos with stories – and vice versa – in most people’s lives.


The book explores the significance of cherished objects within the life stories of nine participants in a qualitative study of the links between reminiscence and resilience in later life. The researchers who conducted the study represent a variety of fields, including gerontology, social work, ministry, nursing, literature, and education. The book details how life stories can be fraught with a wide range of insights and questions from the memories that get stirred up as people embark on the process of "life review" prompted by the challenges and changes of aging. Shedding light on the complex emotional, psychological, and spiritual findings of the study, Things That Matter ultimately reveals the intricacy of personal narrative and the incredible ways in which things and stories are interwoven in our lives over time.