ACDE Membership

St. Thomas University is a member of the Association of Canadian Deans of Education (ACDE).  This is an association of Deans, Directors, or Chairs of Canadian Faculties, Schools, Colleges, or Departments of Education. Its mission is to foster professional and teacher education, engage in educational research, and participate in educational policy development. There are currently sixty-four members in ACDE.

Accords by the Association of Canadian Deans of Education

General Accord

Accord on Teacher Education

Accord on Indigenous Education

Accord on Research in Education

Accord on Early Learning and Early Childhood Education

Accord on the Internationalization of Education

(all accords can be found at

Position Papers & Statements

ACDE Statement on Teaching and Teacher Education for Post-pandemic Canada

ACDE Statement on immigration and refugees_PDF

Effective Practica for Educators_PDF

Statement on the Truth & Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action PDF

Statement of Commitment on the Climate Emergency_PDF