A Personalized Education

At St. Thomas, you’ll engage in a unique style of learning that reflects your interests and ambitions. You’ll engage with multiple fields of study and learn to understand and examine issues from different perspectives. You’ll form meaningful connections with peers and professors and grow in ways you never imagined.


Liberal Arts

Our liberal arts approach to education means you will take courses from multiple disciplines to explore diverse ideas and perspectives before narrowing your focus in upper years. This allows you to study your interests and tailor your education to your ambitions. It provides flexibility and the opportunity to broaden your worldview through the examination of complex and competing ideas—something that will provide you with diverse knowledge, experience, and perspective.



Social Sciences and Humanities

Our exclusive focus on the social sciences and humanities creates a learning environment where students and professors across campus are connected through their desire to understand human behaviour, prioritize social responsibility, and work toward a more equitable world.



1. A degree that reflects your passions and ambitions: When you graduate, you will have earned more than a degree—you will have the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to pursue your goals.

2. Experiences that prepare you for the future: We pair academics with experiences that build your resume, enhance your learning, and help you grow.


3. Learning in a community that prioritizes social responsibility: From clubs and societies to internships and service learning, a commitment to social responsibility is infused into every aspect of campus life.


4. A tight-knit community: Our small size will allow you to form meaningful connections with peers and professors.