Program Structure

Please follow the program structure outlined in the Academic Calendar from your FIRST academic year as a student at St. Thomas University. Find the Academic Calendars HERE. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor. 


Students wishing to complete the Honours program in IREL will satisfy the requirements for the Major and complete the following courses:

IREL-4013 Honours Thesis in International Relations

POLS-3903 Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in Political Science

POLS-3913 Honours Thesis Proposal

POLS-4903 Capstone Seminar - Problems in Political Inquiry

POLS-4603 Seminar in International Relations



Students majoring in International Relations are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours in courses specified by the program. It is suggested that they do 3 credit hours in their first year of study, 12 in their second, and a total of 21 credit hours in their third and fourth years. In addition, students are required to complete either a Minor in Economics (18 credit hours) or 12 credit hours in a foreign language. Students are encouraged to do both.


Year 1

POLS-1603 Global Politics

ECON-1013/1023 Introduction to Economics (Micro) and Introduction to Economics (Macro) or 6 credit hours in a foreign language


Year 2

POLS-2303 Comparative Politics of the Developed World

POLS-2313 Comparative Politics of the Developing Areas

POLS-2613 International Relations I

POLS-2623 International Relations II


Years 3 and 4

  • 15 credit hours in designated advanced courses in International Relations
  • 6 credit hours in designated advanced courses in Area Studies
  • In Years 2-4, students will also complete the requirement of 12 credit hours in a second language or a Minor in Economics.



The requirements for a Minor in International Relations are:


POLS-2613 International Relations I

POLS-2623 International Relations II


An additional 12 credits from the list of “advanced international relations courses” approved for the Major


Double Major with Political Science

The Major in International Relations and the Major in Political Science both require the completion of the following POLS courses: 1603, 2303, 2313, 2613, and 2623. Students who have completed those six courses in order to meet the requirements for the Major in International Relations may count them toward the Major in Political Science as well. No other courses taken for the Major in International Relations may be counted toward a second Major in Political Science.


Other Courses

Below is a list of classes offered in other departments that can be counted as Advanced International Relations and/or Area Studies. This is not an exhaustive list and does not include courses from the University of New Brunswick that may also qualify. All of these courses will not be offered every year. Before including one of these classes as part of your International Relations program, please confirm and get permission to use the course from the Director of the IR program.


CRIM 3643-Terrorism: An Introduction

ECON 2303-Gender in the Global South

ECON 3153-Political Economy II

ECON 3333-Perspective on Underdevelopment

ECON 3343-Banking and International Finance
ENGL 3433-World Literature in English: West Indies and Africa

ENGL 3443-World Literature in English: India

HIST 3113- Modern and Revolutionary China

HIST 3123- Student Movements in East Asia

HIST 3163-Gandhi, India and the World

HIST 3203-The British Atlantic World

HIST 3343-Europe Since 1945

HIST 3373- The Germanies Since 1945

HIST 3373-Slavery in World History

HIST 3603-Disney and World History

HIST 3613-Gender and Power in Latin America

HIST 3643-Race and Racism in Modern History

HIST 3743-Contemporary US History

HIST 3943-Genocide in World History

HMRT 3063-Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

HMRT 3123-International Human Rights (note that this course can be taken in place of PS 3503 but a student cannot take both courses and have them counted separately in the program)

HMRT 3213-Environment and Society III

HMRT 3543-Human Rights and Foreign Policy

SOCI 3153-Sociology of War

SOCI 3223-Globalization and Gender