HR Forms


J. B. O'Keefe Fitness Centre

Memberships are available to faculty and staff at a reduced rate through payroll deduction. To activate or terminate a membership, complete the payroll deduction authorization form and return to the Human Resources Office.

Non-Academic Staffing

This Request Form is used when applying to replace or add non-academic staff

Data System Access

This Request Form is used by directors requesting access changes to data systems for their staff

Performance Assessment Forms

Record of Absence Forms

Employees are required to complete a monthly Record of Absence Form. This form is used to record vacation time and other leaves of absence. Upon approval, the supervisor forwards the Record of Absence Form to the Human Resources Office (MMH-411) for record-keeping.

Unionized Employees:

Timesheet Record Form

Pay Periods - 2023

Pay Periods - 2024

Overtime and Leave Request Authorization Form

Non Union Employees:

May 2023 - August 2023

September 2023 - December 2023

January 2024 - April 2024

Overtime Form

Overtime and Leave Request Authorization Form