Frequently Asked Questions - Fall Semester 2022


When and where do I have to wear a mask on campus? 
Masking remains required in classrooms (unless teaching/presenting while maintaining a distance of at least 2m from others) and in indoor common spaces (ie., hallways, stairwells, washrooms, and  Administration offices.)  
Masking is not required when sitting in the Great Hall, George Martin Hall Cafeteria, Sir James Dunn Hall Cafeteria/Student Lounge, and the O’Brien Study Hall and/or when actively eating or drinking (where permitted).  
Masking is not required when participating in athletics and fitness activities or when performing in drama/theatre or music recitals.  
Masking is encouraged, but not required, in rooms or commons spaces in residences.  
In short, masking is required in classrooms and when moving around in indoor public spaces.   


Why do I have to wear a mask in class, but not when seated in other public areas?  
This is due to the closer proximity to others for longer periods of time and also because you are required to attend class (unlike other locations, which you can choose to visit). Masking along with other safety and health measures, especially staying home when sick, provides additional protection for you and others. 


Will rapid test kits be available to students on campus? 
Yes, for those with symptoms we will have a limited supply available. We will provide an update when students return to campus.  


Do I need to tell anyone if I've tested positive?  
A positive Point-of-Care (Rapid) Test is considered a case of COVID-19 and you should follow these instructions. The Provincial Government is advising individuals to stay at home until symptoms improve. You should report your absence to your professor as you would for any other absence from class.  


Will I be able to access Student Services online? 


Do larger on-campus events—guest lectures, theatre performances, etc.—require masking?  
Yes, attending these events is equivalent to attending a class.


Will extra sanitation measures still be taken (i.e., surface cleaning, hand sanitizing stations)? 
Yes, these will continue.  


Do I need to wear a mask in residence common areas? 
No, if you are living in residence, you will not be required to wear a mask in common areas.  


Are visitors allowed in residence? Do they need to be fully vaccinated to visit?  
Yes, visitors will be allowed in residence. We will not be checking on their vaccination status.


If I'm living in residence, do I need to tell anyone if I've tested positive?  
Yes. A positive Point-of-Care (Rapid) Test is considered a case of COVID-19 and you should follow these  instructions. You should inform any household contacts about your positive COVID-19 test result (ie., those who share common spaces). These contacts should monitor for symptoms.